The Advantages of Virtual Counseling

by Glenn Petruzzi

A growing number of people are opting for telehealth to meet their mental health care needs. Online therapy, unlike traditional therapy, enables an individual to meet with their therapist from nearly anywhere in the world, so long as they have a stable and secure internet or phone connection.

One of the most popular forms of telehealth in the mental health field is online therapy through a secure video conferencing platform, although some therapists may also offer phone or text therapy. Online therapy has also been called teletherapy, distance counseling, telemental health, and internet therapy.

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Therapists who practice online can provide services via video, text, phone, chat, or email. As technology evolves, so can telehealth: Therapists may guide people through challenges using the most useful and current communication technologies.

Mental health professionals might offer telehealth as the main way to communicate with people who are seeking therapy. Some individuals prefer this type of treatment because they can get the benefits of therapy in their own homes or while traveling—this can be particularly helpful for people who live in remote locations, have busy schedules, or who have limited mobility due to disability or caregiving responsibilities.

Online therapy may be offered as a standalone treatment. It can also be used along with the traditional therapeutic relationship. A therapist may provide treatment from an office but switch to telehealth when a person is out of town or cannot commute to the office.

Teletherapy can be a good fit for people who have difficulty accessing mental health services. It can also be useful in other situations. Some people feel more comfortable communicating openly via email than in person with a therapist. Others may feel therapy is more accessible this way, since they do not know when they may need support the most.

People who are new to therapy may find it easy to participate in online therapy sessions. The fact that treatment takes place in the home may also reduce the stigma associated with receiving mental health services.


Online therapy can be a good option for people who cannot access care due to location, health, or transportation issues. It may also be appealing to people who do not wish to meet in an office. As many important aspects of life are now available online, telehealth is therapy’s way of keeping up with the digital world.

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