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Kelley Ekas Greenberg - Mental Health Counselor

The counseling relationship is a safe space to explore who you are and who you want to become. I believe everyone can find life’s answers inside themselves when they are fully supported and accepted for who they are in a judgement free space. People are experts on their own lives and a counselor can help by supporting and walking beside them as they learn to better understand themselves. No matter how hopeless life may seem, I believe all people are capable of positive changes which lead to greater well-being, if they refuse to give up. There are many paths to healing such as recognizing and remembering your strengths, changing your perspective, focusing on gratitude, or taking the time to be still so your body can relax which will help calm the mind. Talking things through with a counselor allows one to better understand themselves and explore what changes will bring them peace and happiness.

Many people will benefit greatly from talk therapy, but some people have a hard time putting their feelings into words. There are many other creative ways to express oneself through art, painting, poetry, journaling, music, movement, and dance. The creativity I developed as a ballet dancer and through dance ministry gives me the ability to help people find the best way of expressing themselves. I have extensive experience teaching children in many capacities such as children’s ministries, gymnastics, dance, and pre-school. I have the great pleasure of raising a ten-year-old boy of my own who has taught me the healing power of laughter. I also have an eighteen-year-old daughter who has taught me the importance of giving adolescents the support and space to become their own person. “Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves” -Atticus Finch.

Treatment Approach

Christian Counseling, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQ community and family support, Children/Adolescents, Separation/Divorce, Single parent support, Families of substance abuser’s support


I have previous experience as a clinical intern at a Partial Hospitalization program leading Expressive Art Therapy groups and individual counseling. I had the pleasure of working with my mother at her gymnastics school, daycare center, preschool, and summer camp for over twenty years. My mother’s school philosophy of a healthy mind, body, and spirit parallel’s my approach to counseling as they are all connected and important parts of achieving wellness. I have been involved in my church with children’s ministry for over fifteen years, as well as dance ministry for five years. I have personally overcome anxiety, depression, grief and loss, divorce, and the struggles of single parenthood.


I graduated from UMass Boston with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I am currently a clinical intern in my last semester at Liberty University where I am pursuing my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Kelley practices under the direct supervision of our licensed clinical supervisors.

Specialities: Addiction/Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Child/Adolescent Issues, Depression, Divorce/Separation, Grief/Loss
LGBTQ, Parenting
Ages: Adolescents, Adults, Children
Modality: Individual, Families