About Us

The Well is an evidence-based, multi-state behavioral health practice that strives to serve individuals, couples, and families of all demographics.  Our mission is to make receiving therapy easy and beneficial to all that visit us.  We provide in-person therapy and teletherapy. 

Our Story

The Well Behavioral Health was created to make therapy easy and accessible for everyone.  We understand how challenging it can be to find the right counselor, and that many people have found themselves on long waiting lists. The Well began out of our inboxes being filled with requests for counseling. We made a decision to widen our network to meet the needs in our respective communities. Our hope is that The Well provides a simple platform to access professional mental health providers in the communities and states we serve.  Our passion and mission are to provide easy access to counseling for all.  Wells has always been a place of refreshment and community. Our Vision is that the same sense of community and refreshment be felt by our clients at The Well Behavioral Health.   


The Well Behavioral Health is a service that connects clients with professional counselors. Clients and clinicians connect using our secure HIPAA compliant “Virtual Office”. Telehealth is an evidence-based service that can be used effectively to help individuals with a variety of mental health issues.  We also have the ability to see people in-person if that is preferred at certain locations.


The Well Behavioral Health is a listing service that connects clients to professional mental health counselors. The Well lists experienced counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social who deeply care for their clients and follow evidence-based therapy to all populations. We also provide faith-based counseling for those who desire it. Counselors are available for convenient on-line counseling sessions.

Need help with our online check-in process? Our new online check-in and registration process is simple and convenient.


Need help with our on-line check-in process? Our new online check-in and registration process is simple and convenient.